Darmstadtium - Ds


Atomic number 110

Atomic mass 261.9 g.mol -1

Density unknown

Melting point unknown

Boiling point unknown

Discovered Albert Ghiorso in 1970

Darmstadtium is a synthetic element in the periodic table which quickly decays: its isotopes of mass 279-281 have half-lives measured in microseconds. It is named after the place of its discover, Darmstadt.


Darmstadtium does not have any known application and little is known about it.

Darmstadtium in the environment

Darmstadtium is not found free in the environment, since it is a synthetic element.

Health effects of darmstadtium

As it is so unstable, any amount formed would decompose to other elements so quickly that there’s no reason to study its effects on human health.

Environmental effects of darmstadtium

Due to its extremely short half-life (about 0.1milliseconds), there’s no reason for considering the effects of rutherfordium in the environment